AmoLatina Review

Overview of AmoLatina


AmoLatina is an online dating website open to all individuals interested to meet singles from all over the world. Despite the reach, the website focuses on Latina women, from Mexico, Columbia, Costa Rica, Panama, and Brazil, to name a few countries, meeting single men. The company has over ten years of experience in the dating industry and promises to deliver a dating experience that people can trust.

Services & Prices

One upside to the AmoLatina website is the variety of its services. Mainly, the site offers services for live chat, email correspondence, presents, and online interaction like sending smiles and stickers or viewing a video on a profile.
Each service requires a certain amount of credit to be used. However, AmoLatina makes it possible for some of the services to be used for free under certain conditions. Most likely, these freebies are a way for the website to reward members who are loyal to their service. Listed below are the services that cost nothing, as well as their conditions:
  1. Let’s Mingle – a service that allows members to send an email to active ladies that fit criteria. Let’s Mingle can be used for free once every 24hours for those with a monthly membership.
  2. Online Chat – this service provides a means for members to send and receive messages in real-time. Ten free chats can be used every three minutes for those with a monthly subscription.
  3. Offline Chat – this service is similar to email. Whether a member is online or offline, users will be able to send character-limited messages to an inbox. Three messages can be sent for free to other members that the user has not yet corresponded with.
  4. Smiles – this fun feature lets members send out smiles to other members. These are stickers that are similar to emojis. They can be sent through live chat or email correspondence. Sending them is free.
The free usage of the above services will be appreciated by those who have purchased a monthly subscription. It’s a great way for the company to show its community that they are appreciated.


Like most dating websites, AmoLatina’s registration is convenient, easy, and free. This will prove to be useful for those who are first-timers at online dating. It’s fuss-free, so not a lot of details are required to start using the site. All an interested user needs is a valid email and a password for the account.

The process has even been made easier through one-click Facebook signup. When a user opts for this way of registering, the site will get all the necessary details from the person’s Facebook. There will be no need to input an email. This way is quicker, but if interested parties don’t want to connect their AmoLatina account to their Facebook profile, the email option is the best way to go.

Profile Depth

As for the website’s profile depth, it’s very common. Most of the basic information one might need to know about a person is displayed on the profile – name (or nickname), age, preference, height, weight, and so on. Then the usual “I’m Looking For” description follows.

One aspect of the dating profile that stands out, however, is the interests section. Online daters can easily identify what a person is interested in because eye-catching icons with labels are shown on the far left.

Navigation-wise, the dating profiles are easy on the eyes. The layout and design of the profiles are very organized. Users won’t find it difficult to view photos, read descriptions, and even to instantly start chatting because everything can easily be located on the screen.


Moving on to the search function, users can look for members using different filters. The basic search allows the results to be filtered by preference, age, and country or city. More filters are available once the “add options” link is clicked. Instead of the usual drop-down menu, the filters are in the style of buttons which are quicker to click on.


When a user signs up, a series of questions will be asked for the site to understand more about who the person wants to meet. The matching is then based on the users’ answers. This method may not be 100% accurate as the matching is based on similar answers and interests. For example, if a user chose to meet women that have been divorced, the ladies’ profiles who match will be sent to this user via inbox or popups (shown on the lower right portion of the screen, labeled Chat Requests).

The bottom line is that the matching method of AmoLatina needs to be more precise. It could be better if there were more questions and even personality quizzes, and not merely clickable options that have already been pre-chosen.

Customer Services

When the user is on the website, he or she will find the live chat feature on the lower right side of the screen. When the small green tab is clicked, it offers two convenient options – WhatsApp and Facebook. Almost everyone has these two apps so it will be easy for users to contact support whenever needed.

Above, the button that looks like three lines contain the link to the Help Center. This is probably one aspect of the customer service category that needs to be improved. The link to the Help Center needs to be more visible. Regarding the content in the Help Center, it’s comprehensive and covers most of the questions a new member might have regarding the site, services, costs, and functions.

Overall, the website is a 4 out of 5. The services are useful, customer service is always available via live chat, making the customers feel secure, and the registration is easy and quick.
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