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International dating sites focused on Asia are gaining more interest so we wanted to take a look at the service If you are seeking an interesting way to meet and interact with Asian women, then Asiacharm is a good option in this niche. Asiacharm provides a dating encounter that aims to offer users lots of romantic choices.
The dating platform is geared towards singles searching for love matches in different Asian countries. They offer a decent level of services that includes pleasant and effective communication giving users the chance to find a match. If you’re the kind of person who gets a buzz from chatting to lots of Asian women then you’ll find what you’re looking for on Asiacharm.
Services and Features
We found Asiacharm to be a well-rounded service with a range of user-friendly features. These include search, chat, mail, winks, and more that can be accessed via all profiles on the site. It is easy to surf profiles and quickly access the features to get in touch with interesting Asian girls.

Registration on Asiacharm is fast and easy. All that is required is a name, email address and password. Users can complete registration by clicking on the confirmation email sent to their registered email address. The main point of fast registration is that users can quickly get started on the service and not delay in their search for a match. Finally, all paying users will need to provide credit card information should they wish to pay for services.
Profiles and Photos

The standard of profiles on Asiacharm is quite high. We found that most profiles we looked at contained a lot of good quality photos and interesting information. All of these profiles are free to look at and read, apart from private photos which require credits to view. Once a user is registered, they can update their profile by adding their age, country and city to their profile, and can fill out optional details such as height, weight and body type. Obviously the idea being that the more details included, the more interesting the profile. It is also possible to describe an ideal match and include further information on the profile page. All profiles carry a validated member indicator, which apparently shows that the members have been vetted.

The first function you’ll be invited to start with on Asiacharm is search. Users can choose from two kinds of search – the first is an easy instant search, which only asks for age parameters before launching a search. The second kind of search is more advanced, and needs to be chosen in order to focus on particular types of women based on country, city, religion, level of education, and other criteria. Another kind of search can be carried out using the member’s ID. All search options are fast and quickly generate a wide choice of matches.

Finding matches on Asiacharm is done in a number of ways. Search is the obvious way. But members can also browse through profiles on Faces and click ones they like. It is also possible to send free winks to matches (and receive them). The ‘Who liked me?’ link under statistics shows the details of which members have looked at your profile. 

For users who want to browse profiles at a leisurely pace, Asiacharm offers the Faces feature. Using the Faces feature, users just look at a profile and click ‘Like’ or ‘Skip’ in order to either show interest or see another profile. It was rather fun to use this in our opinion.
Chat Messages

The main engine driving Asiacharm is the chat platform that gives users the ability to chat instantly. It is the most important feature on the service and is definitely quite engaging. A chat can be shared by replying to a message received or clicking on the ‘chat now’ button on any profile. Users can also see the history of the chats they’ve had and keep track of all the people they are talking to.

For those times when a match isn’t available online, users are able to send email-style messages to any member using the mail feature. This way all users can be contacted offline. It is a good idea to send a longer message in a mail to show interest, and it’s possible to include photos too.
Free Winks

Users on Asiacharm can use another prominent option available for free – winks. It’s possible to make an introduction simply by clicking a button to send a wink.

Stickers are yet another option available to users on Asiacharm. They can be included in instant chat to brighten up the conversation.
Flowers & Presents

Often dating online doesn’t have a real world feel. Asiacharm offer users the chance to send real gifts to their matches. Not all users will want to send flowers to someone they chatted with online, but the option is certainly interesting. The range includes flowers, spa certificates, and other items (some quite expensive).
Arrange a Date

Another real world option from Asiacharm is the opportunity to arrange a face-to-face date with someone met on the site. A number of conditions are required for this to happen such as spending a certain number of credits before making a request plus approval from both parties (obviously). However, it is a helpful option to have available despite the complex process.

You may be wondering how to pay for services on Asiacharm. Ok, so here goes. All users can view profiles and send winks for free but once they want to communicate then they need to purchase credits. Credits are required for a whole host of activities from watching videos and messaging to sending flowers and arranging dates. If users wish to use any of these features they will be directed to the get credits page where they can make a purchase by credit card. An entry package of credits is available which allows users to sample all the services, and users are able to top up as they go.
Customer Service

It is possible to get in touch with the customer service team at Asiacharm by clicking on the contact link at the side of the website. Once a user fills out the form with the necessary details (name, email, message), they simply wait until the customer service team responds. All service policies are located at the bottom of the website, including privacy policy, terms of use, billing policy, and disclaimers. All this information gives members a clear idea of what to expect. In these documents, Asiacharm is keen to emphasize its commitment to safety and security.

In general, Asiacharm has a lot of positive things going for it. There are plenty of features delivered in a pleasant and simple fashion. It doesn’t take long to get to grips with using the site and meeting people. The membership seems active and large so it’s likely that most users will attract enough attention. The chat feature is particularly enjoyable and there are a lot of ways to find matches. There are a few downsides to the site such as some information not being easy to find, but there is nothing major enough to make the site anything other than enjoyable.

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