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Overview of
Overview is a dreamy global dating service that grabbed our attention right from the start with an attention-seeking play for the heart. After a fast registration process, we were introduced quickly to beautiful Eastern European members who all had attractive profiles and photos. The dating platform has lots of ways to communicate, which makes it a relaxing and comfortable ride for singles searching for love worldwide.
You will need to be prepared to handle a lot of immediate attention when you join Loveswans. You are likely to receive a lot of chat invites from potential matches during your time on the service. You will soon be offered the chance to chat with many registered members but may need to choose carefully so as not to be pulled in too many different directions at once.
Services and Features
Once you view profiles of members on Loveswans you’ll immediately see all the features available to you. It’s easy to navigate and click the button of the feature you want to use whether it’s running a search, sending a wink to members you like, writing a mail, or launching an instant chat. On the face of it, we found that communication with other members seems very easy.

It is very easy to join Loveswans and you only need to supply your name, email, date of birth and password. Once you become a member just fill out a quick survey (or skip it) and you’ll be ready to chat. That’s pretty much all you need to do. It’s advisable to verify your email because otherwise you’ll get continual reminders, and also it’s nice to confirm your account. We think registration is so fast because Loveswans wants you to start dating as quick as possible.
Profiles and Photos

One of the most noticeable qualities of Loveswans is that all the profiles and photos are in very good condition. Most profiles have multiple photos and plenty of interesting details. And you will also be encouraged to update your profile (age, country, city etc) and add photos. It’s free to do this so you may as well take advantage of the chance. And it’s also free to look at all other member profiles (apart from private photos). You’ll notice that most profiles have been validated which is another interesting observation. The quality of profiles is certain to be something that will help you find matches you are attracted to.

Although you can immediately start chatting with women on Loveswans, you may first want to carry out a simple search to narrow down the age of matches you are looking for. It is also possible to conduct an extended search based on extra details including country, city, or attitude to smoking and drinking. We tried both search options and both seem to be effective. It is also possible to include validated matches in a search and those who are currently online.

It isn’t a question of whether you’ll find matches on Loveswans; it’s more a question of how many matches and how quickly they’ll find you. The service is very busy and focused on matching couples up. You can browse through profiles using the entertaining Faces feature (you only need to like or skip them), and send winks to all the matches you like. You can also refer to the ‘Who liked me?’ section to find out who’s been viewing your profile. And lastly, search should always feature regularly in your hunt for true love.
Chat Messages

The chat now feature on Loveswans is the main method for members to communicate in real-time. Chatting instantly is an exciting way to meet members and find out straightaway if you like them or not. All that’s required is to reply to a chat invite or click the chat button on the profile of a member currently online. We found the service to be a fast, user-friendly and satisfying way to enjoy dating online.

If you prefer taking things slowly on Loveswans then it’s possible to send emails to those women who appeal to you the most. The concept is similar to instant chat except it is not live and the member might not reply back so quickly. Using the email feature, you can write longer messages up to 3500 characters long and also add photos. It’s definitely a more intensive way to communicate with someone.
Free Winks

A much quicker way to put yourself in contention is by sending free winks to members on Loveswans. We think this feature is rather throwaway but at least it’s free and attracts attention.

Everyone knows that smileys make chat easier and more effective. But stickers take that idea a step further and allow you to add more complicated visuals to an online chat, such as red roses and ice-cream.
Flowers & Presents is a very modern online dating service but they do offer the flowers & presents feature, which allows users to arrange and send real deliveries to their match. We think this option is fine but it’s more likely to be used when things get serious. Romantic gift options include roses, perfume, spa certificates, champagne and teddy bears.
Arrange a Date

Loveswans has a special service dedicated to those cases where a user is chatting to someone and wants to meet in real life. We didn’t get round to actually using this service but we checked out the details anyway. Should you want to meet someone then simply click the ‘Set up a date’ button, buy the necessary credits needed to use the service (refundable in the event the offer is rejected), send your request for a date, and then wait 72 hours or more to hear the answer.

If all you want to do is look through the profiles on Loveswans, carry out searches and maybe send some winks then the service is free. Once you take the decision to communicate with members you like then you’ll need to purchase some credits. You need to pay for most features including sending mails, chatting instantly, looking at private photos, playing videos, sending presents, and more. So clearly to get the best use from the service you’ll need to get your credit card out. The starter package is only 20 credits although you’ll have the chance to buy more as you progress.
Customer Service

Although everything seems straightforward on Loveswans there’s always a chance you’ll want to get in touch with their customer service. Whether you’ve got payment issues or don’t know how to use the service, or if you want to complain about other members, you can get in touch with the customer service team via the website. You’ll find the contact form link on the right hand side of the website. Simply complete the form in a few easy steps and then wait for your reply from Loveswans. If you want to stay informed you can also read the Loveswans user privacy policy, terms of use, billing details, and other important stuff. If you want to know all the ins and out then take a look.

So what did we think of Loveswans? Well, it’s an enjoyable service with lots of active members if you manage your expectations properly. You might feel a little overwhelmed at times by all the attention you receive, but it’s better to be popular than invisible. You’ll have the chance to try out plenty of accessible features when contacting someone you like (although you’ll need to pay to use them). So yes, thumbs up. The combination of beautiful profiles, lively membership and enjoyable features are what makes Loveswans stand out.

Frequently Asked Questions 

What is

Loveswans site is a worldwide dating site explicitly intended for associating men with Ukrainian and Russian ladies. The site has diverse client care agents extending from dating specialists to interpreters. ... Check how Loveswans site offers its administrations.

When was LoveSwans established?

LoveSwans was established in the year

Where is LoveSwans based?

LoveSwans is situated in the Republic of Cyprus.
What does "international wife" mean?
International wife alludes to a lady who is distributed in an index with the goal to wed somebody from another nation.


Who can join LoveSwans?

No one but men can join LoveSwans. You can join as a lady, however your profile will be "with some restraint" status perpetually, and you won't have the option to get to the site.

What do I have to join LoveSwans?

You possibly need to round out the sign-up structure when you register on the landing page of the site.

Do I should be a checked part?

On the off chance that you need to get set up on dates, you should be a LoveSwans checked part.

How would I become a checked part?

To become a LoveSwans confirmed part, you have to examine an administration ID and fill in by hand the U.S Client Information Form, which you can download from the site. In the wake of marking the structure, you have to examine it and transfer the records on LoveSwans' confirmation page.

Does LoveSwans offer premium participation?

LoveSwans doesn't offer premium participation to its individuals, yet it offers prepaid credits you can use on the dating site.

How would I top-up my LoveSwans credits?

You can top-up your credits through Visa or PayPal.

Is there a route for my credits to recharge consequently?

Truly, LoveSwans has a component for programmed credits top-up. On the off chance that you empower this, your credits will consequently renew with a similar number of credits and cost when it arrives at the base sum you showed.

Would i be able to kill LoveSwans Credits auto top-up?

Truly, you can cripple this on your Profile Settings.

Would i be able to request a discount for a portion of my utilized and unused credits?

You can document a solicitation for a discount for your LoveSwans credits. LoveSwans has the sole tact of whether to favor your solicitation.

Ease of use
How does LoveSwans work?

LoveSwans is an inventory like site where profiles of Eastern European ladies are shown. You can contact these ladies utilizing the diverse reaching highlights the site offers.
For what reason wouldn't i be able to hear voice messages sent to me?
You can just play voice messages sent to you by LoveSwans individuals in the event that you are eager to pay for credits.

Why I can't see some photographs in a lady's profile?

Numerous LoveSwans individuals have private photograph collections that you can see in the event that you pay credits.

In the event that I purchase a blessing, will it be sent to the lady I gotten it for?

As indicated by LoveSwans, in the event that you purchase a present for a lady through the site, it will be conveyed to her doorstep. You will be refreshed with the advancement of your blessing conveyance.

How would I demand contact subtleties?

You can demand for a lady's close to home contact subtleties in the wake of experiencing ID Confirmation and when the lady consents to give you her contact data.

How would I set up a date?

You can set up a date subsequent to experiencing ID Confirmation and mentioning for a Meeting. Your Meeting solicitation will be sent to the next part, in which she has 72 hours to state yes or no. You need to pay 625 credits for the solicitation, and on the off chance that she decreases, the credits will be sent back to you.

Does LoveSwans have security highlights?

LoveSwans has is its Profile Verification/ID Confirmation approach. It additionally has distributed Regulations that are seen in the site. Inability to comply with the standards of the site can get you prohibited.

Is it conceivable to square and additionally report a LoveSwans part?

It's unrealistic to square or potentially report a LoveSwans part. Be that as it may, with regards to setting up Meetings, you can send an email to LoveSwans support if your date misled you by not going to the effectively arranged Meeting.

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