LovingFeel.com Review

Overview of LovingFeel.com

Lovingfeel.com Review
Overview of Lovingfeel.com

Lovingfeel appears to be aimed at simple dating and those looking for love on a global scale. The dating platform has a fresh feel about it and we got good first impressions when we started using it. The membership seems lively and there are many members from across Asia. Once we signed up we got a big rush of messages. The site seems intended for quick connections, developing relationships and bringing couples together.
The chat features are advanced enough to provide some good long-term potential. A range of clean and simple dating features means it’s pretty smooth when you first arrive on the dating service and you can focus on meeting people. We found the on-boarding process to be pleasant and straightforward. Sometimes it’s important to get back to basics when you date online and Lovingfeel seems to provide that opportunity. It’s a dating site that does everything pretty well so it’s a nice way to meet new people.
Services and Features

We got the impression that simple is best on Lovingfeel and that goes for the features they provide. Nothing too flashy or complicated. Just some good solid ways to connect and chat with a seemingly large group of  Asian singles. The communication features are very likeable and include the basics such as mail and instant chat, while there are a few interesting extras such as stickers and winks. A good approach is to start by looking at profiles for free and then seeing what happens from there.

We joined Lovingfeel in a few simple steps and all we needed was our basic details. Of course, if you want to show your best side then it’s a good idea to improve your profile. Verifying your email address is necessary before you can explore the website and use features.
Profiles and Photos

You’ll have lots of fun looking through the interesting profiles on Lovingfeel, all of which have excellent photos and rich info. Every time we opened a profile it really looked like the user had made an effort to present themselves in a good way. Only private photos need credits in order to view them. When we registered, we were also encouraged to create an attractive profile, with requests to fill out a short questionnaire about our perfect date. You don’t get charged for doing this so it’s a good idea.

Although you’ll see profiles right away and it’s not essential to start with a search on Lovingfeel, there is a fairly comprehensive search tool for you to check out. You can either do the speedy search based on the age of matches you want, or a more lengthy search with additional criteria like city, country, education, height etc.

After you’ve looked at a procession of profiles on Lovingfeel you’ll soon want to find someone you’re compatible with. We were intrigued to see how the service wanted to match us up. Firstly, it’s easy to run a search and meet somebody that way. Secondly, there’s a faces feature that delivers a swipe-right style matching experience where you can approve or move on to the next match. The third matching option is simply to go through profiles you like and click the wink button to show you’re interested. The last matching option is to see who checked you out by looking at the special section on your profile.
Chat Messages

The simplest way to explore users on Lovingfeel is to dive right into the real-time chat with people online. You can chat to lots of people this way and find out quickly if you are compatible. We really enjoyed this feature because it’s quick, smart and exciting. You can start chatting by going to a profile and clicking ‘chat now’ or you can just wait until you receive an invite.

Another easy but rewarding feature we noticed on Lovingfeel was mail. It’s not as instantly gratifying as the real-time chat but mail lets you do things a bit differently. If you’re the kind of person who loves sending longer messages and waiting for a reply, then mail is pretty handy. You can write a good message and attach photos.
Free Winks

On Lovingfeel you can wink at someone and they can wink back. Well, at least you can press the wink button under profiles to show that you really like someone. It’s free so worth trying out.

If you feel like jazzing up your conversation on Lovingfeel then you can use stickers to get attention or add humor. Simply add a sticker to your chat feed, such as fast food, flowers, jewelry or ice cream.
Flowers & Presents

Such a romantic gesture as giving flowers to someone isn’t usually experienced with online dating. We were surprised to see this service on Lovingfeel. But it kind of makes sense if you’ve been chatting to a match for a while and are getting on fairly well. The flowers and presents service enables you to choose from a range of items including blooms, scent, gift certificates, chocolates and stuffed toys.
Arrange a Date

Lovingfeel has an option to organize real dates with users on the site after communicating with them. Obviously it makes sense to only ask someone likely to respond in a positive way but it’s a good option. To try it out you just need enough credits to activate the option, and then you can send your date request. It might be a nervous few days waiting to hear back but you’ll never get anywhere by holding back.

After a busy period of browsing profiles for free, searching for free and sending winks aplenty, you might want to move on and actually communicate with someone on Lovingfeel. To do this, you’ll need to buy credits. Credits will allow you to use all the chat features to get in touch with other users, such as messaging and mails. Once you buy credits you’ll also be able to view private images and watch videos. A small package of credits is available to begin with and you can add extra as you go along.
Customer Service

Customer service on Lovingfeel is only available in a basic format but it works nevertheless. It’s always good to know someone is listening no matter what service you use. If you want to make contact with them then simply log into your profile and click the ‘contact us’ tab. Just write your request in the ‘how can we help you?’ field on the contact form, add optional files, click send, and then wait to hear back. You can also read additional details from Lovingfeel by scrolling to the bottom of the website where you’ll find terms of use, privacy policy, and auto charging info.

We had no major complaints and only a good experience of Lovingfeel. The dating service is nicely put together with a quality membership that will serve you up with plenty of Asian matches, like FindMate the thai dating site reviewed by DatingInspector.com. The features are simple but work very well and are easy to get to grips with. You will need to buy credits in order to communicate with other users but that’s pretty much par for the course. The main thing is you have a successful and enjoyable time when you date online. And with latinfeels you will likely come into contact with some interesting matches.

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