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Overview of SagaDating


SagaDating is a popular online dating platform for those who are 50 years old and above. It’s popular in the UK but its reach is not limited to that territory only. It also has members from other countries as international users are not restricted to use the site at all.

SagaDating has made their goal plain and simple. They would like to give those who are of a mature age to add some fun and a bit of romance to their lives. According to the site, it is the oldest and most well-known dating community on the internet.

How It Works And Memberships

It’s interesting to know that SagaDating is a platform that keeps its members safe, secure and anonymous. Yes, anonymous. Users’ have to use their nickname or their aliases, and use the messaging system within the site to communicate with each other. The site doesn’t forbid giving out personal details, but it doesn’t recommend unless a lot of conversation has happened between two people. The site has even provided mature dating tips that members can consider.

When it comes to their memberships, there are basically two types: member and subscriber. Anyone who sets up an account with SagaDating is a member, while anyone who pays for their membership is called a subscriber. Of course, subscribers have more perks or features. Some of the examples of features a premium subscriber can avail of are as follows:
  • Unlimited sending and reading messages
  • Sort search results
  • Viewing private photos
  • Everyone can reply
  • Search messages by keyword
In general, the services a dater gets for a premium subscription is decent enough. To some, the services may be limited, but we return to the focus market of this dating site which is a mature audience of 50 years old and above. More advanced features may be challenging for this market to use.

Registration and Profile

Just like most dating sites, SagaDating also has a free trial membership. If a user creates a profile for free, the account will automatically fall under the free trial. Registration is merely a 5-min process without a complicated verification. There will be a verification needed, but only for the email the user entered.

Filling up or completing the dating profile has also been made easy. Compared to other sites, the profile on SagaDating is a bit more comprehensive covering sense of humor, party behavior and other interesting questions that are fun for users to answer. Overall, singing up and completing a dating profile is uncomplicated and user-friendly.


Based on the info on the website, SagaDating has a unique way of matching two users. The site takes into account the needs of not just one user but two. For example, person A is looking for someone with a sense of humor. Person B is also looking for someone who has the same quality. Most likely, the website will match A and B because they have a similar preference. This is their intelligent two-way matching feature. This means that two people are more likely to be matched if they have a lot of the same interest. It’s likely that the matches are fine-tuned because of the numerous information required for the dating profiles.

Customer Services

As for the website’s customer service, this area is something that needs to be improved on. It seems that the only way that members can contact support is through the contact us section which merely sends an email. Considering that the target market are those that are not very up to date when it comes to technology, a number to a helpline would be much more appropriate for this site.

To sum everything up, SagaDating is a must check site. They may be on to something with their profile set up and their matching system. If in doubt, there’s always the free trial. The user can look around and then after that, the decision of whether to opt for a paid membership can be made.

Frequently Asked Questions 


What is SagaDating?

SagaDating is a mainstream web based dating stage for the individuals who are 50 years of age or more. ... As indicated by the webpage, it is the most established and most surely understood dating network on the web.

How does the Saga Dating site work?

Adventure Dating gives a sheltered, secure and mysterious approach to discover and speak with individuals of your decision. More or less, you pick a username (a screen name or nom de plume) and set up a profile portraying yourself and the sort of individual and relationship you are searching for.
You can see others' profiles via looking through the site and, thus, they can see your profile. At the point when you discover somebody that interests you, you can communicate something specific by means of the site to their username. The message is sent to their email address from your username - your genuine name and email address are never appeared. Thusly, you may get messages from different individuals. These messages will be from their username and not their genuine email address, ensuring both your and their protection. At the point when you are prepared you may decide to tell the other part your genuine contact subtleties. We suggest that you read our rules for safe web based dating.

For what reason wouldn't i be able to send messages?

To send messages you should be an endorser. If you don't mind visit our membership page to see our rates or to join.

Is my security regarded?

Truly. We will never give your subtleties to different individuals or utilize your subtleties for any reason without your consent. For full subtleties please survey our protection strategy.

Would I be able to change my secret phrase?

Indeed. Go to the Account Details page of your profile and adhere to the alter guidelines.

For what reason must I set up a profile to utilize the site?

You can look through the site without setting up a profile. Nonetheless, to see full part profiles you have to turn into a part and set up a profile. Keep in mind, it's allowed turning into a part.

How would I erase my profile?

Go to the Account Details page of your profile, click the 'Erase My Profile' interface at the base of the page. NB: This procedure can't be turned around and will totally erase every one of your subtleties on the site. On the off chance that you are a supporter and have time left on your membership, it will be erased with your records and can't be discounted or applied to other (future) profiles. On the off chance that you don't know about this, we suggest that you just conceal your profile.

How would I contact another part?

While seeing another part's profile, click on the message (envelope) symbol showed underneath their profile photograph. Enter your message in the content box gave and afterward click send.

What does it cost to buy in to Saga Dating?

We offer a scope of focused membership bundles, if it's not too much trouble visit our buy in area for subtleties.

How would I report somebody?

In the event that another part's conduct is giving you cause for concern or if somebody's as a rule out and out damaging, if it's not too much trouble let our Support Team know by choosing the 'Report Abuse' alternative in the More (...) dropdown. All grievances are treated in the strictest certainty and could result in, in addition to other things, the suspension or cancellation of the culpable part's profile.

For what reason would it be a good idea for me to confirm my versatile number?

We need to guarantee that we furnish you with a sheltered and secure dating network. Realizing that you're speaking with another part who has confirmed their versatile number helps include a degree of trust.

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